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– Jim Politis was born in Athens Greece.  Ηe is a composer, guitar instructor and session guitarist, coming from a music background that combines many different music genres like fusion, bebop, gypsy jazz, balkan, metal,rock, blues, funk, soul, percussion guitar. He presents a modern approach in acoustic jazz music. 

​- He studied composition, improvisation, music theory, ear training, drums and percussion in Philippos Nakas Conservatory (1999-2002). He shared the stage with Stochelo Rosenberg of The Rosenberg Trio (in 2015’s European tour), with the bassist Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale etc) in 2018 with Y.F.G and collaborated in numerous albums with great Greek musicians, composers, producers and artists. He has numerous collaborations & projects with musicians and bands, as a recording artist, producer, composer and orchestrator with musicians from England, USA, Canada, Wales, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia. 

  • – He appeared live in numerous venues and festivals all over the world, including The Royal Albert Hall (UK), Djangofollies Festival (Belgium), UK Jazz and Blues Festival (UK), Brussels Jazz Marathon (Belgium), JekerJazz Festival (Netherlands), Esplanade Theater (Singapore) etc. 

  • – He has done 7 European tours and an Asian tour in Malaysia and Singapore, including workshops and masterclasses in countries like Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Wales, England, Singapore, Malaysia. In Greece, he appeared live in Djangofest Greece, Tinos Jazz Festival ,Rhodes Jazz festival and Jazzet (local club) guitar festival and in many local clubs all over Greece with his band. 

  • – He has 14 personal albums as a composer, more than 35 albums as a producer/composer in various music styles and numerous collaborations as a session guitarist. Right now he is working on his two new personal albums. 

  •   Founder and manager director of Music Arts Camp Greece (

  • – Founder and organiser of the yearly Guitar jam Festival for 4 consecutive successful years in Volos, Greece from 2008 until 2011 

  • – Tutor at Yiorgos Fakanas school of Arts, Tutor in the Conservatory of Arts in Volos (2008 – 2009) In music theory (Advanced level), improvisation, ear training, guitar. He has also been teaching people with dyslexia for many years. He is giving private lessons from 2003.

  • – Founder, owner, and sound engineer of two different recording studios and rehearsal studios Attitude Recording Studios (2006 - 2008) and BPM Recording Studios (2008 – 2012) 

  • – Ambassador of Schertler Amps , Rm acoustics

  • Artists and BMG magazine quoted :                                                   "Great guitarist and great composer" Stochelo Rosenberg            “Amazing guitar player who combines virtuosity and feeling” Larry   Coryel. 

         “Monster guitarist” The Lost Fingers, 

         “ Creative Greek guitar master” Dennis Chang, 

          "We can confirm that the standard of musicianship is extremely high.   Lead guitarist and composer Jim Politis is an outstanding soloist...prepare to be amazed’’-“BMG Magazing” and many more.. 

     At the moment he is giving private lessons,touring as a session musician.


5th European tour "Dance of Colours Tour" October-November 2017
- (Patra, Florence , Trieste , Zagreb, Vienna , 2 shows in Brussels, 2 shows in London, Nottingham, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff, Venice, Athens) 


Djangofollies Festival tour (Belgium) - January 2016 

- Antwerp
- Aalst
- Charleroi 

- Brussels

- Vilvoorde 

- 1st Asian Tour in Singapore - Malaysia (KL) December 2015, including workshops and masterclasses 

- 4th European Tour - February/March 2015
(Athens, Florence, Zagreb, Munich, Brussels, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool) 

- 3rd European Tour - May 2014
(Athens, Florence, Bologna, Zagreb, Budapest, Prague, Brussels, Maastricht, London, 

- Cardiff, Brighton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Llantrisant, Liverpool) 


-2nd European Tour - May 2013
(Athens, Florence, Bologna, Prague, Berlin, Brussels, Maastricht, London, Cardiff) 

- 1st European Tour (September 2011)​ Germany (3 shows) . Switzerland (1show) 


                              DISCOGRAPHY (personal artist albums only) 

 - Jim Politis the Different Sessions (2019) 

Album: Episodes

Music style: Multiple music styles such as Progressive metal, Jazz, Gospel, Acoustic progressive jazz/fusion 


 - Jim Politis ‘the Ghost Notes (2017) 

Album: Dance of Colours 

Music Style: Acoustic progressive Jazz 


 - The Ghost Notes (2012 – 2016)
2 Albums: Jazzy-Key (2013),Secrets Of A Memory (2015)

 Music Style: Gypsy Jazz 


 - Rafferty Rules (1996-2012)
6 Albums: Rafferty Rules 1, Grandma's Words, Dare To Be Different. Outburst, Name Your God, Dispossessed

 Music Style: Metal


 - Tone36 (2007 – 2010)

1 Album: Saying Is One Thing, Doing Is Another 

 Music Style: Progressive Rock


 - Praxis (2005 – 2008) 

 1 Album: Introduction 

 Music Style: Jazz Fusion


 - Persona Non Grata (1999 – 2001) 

1 Album: Persona Non Grata

  Music Style: Funk Rock


 - Vicious Circle (1998 – 2000) 

Music Style: Progressive Rock 1 Album: Vicious Circle 


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