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               ''Lead Guitarist and composer Jim Politis is an outstanding soloist...prepare to be amazed'' - BMG Magazine

                                                             ''Great guitarist and great composer'' - Larry Coryel

                                         ''Amazing guitar player who combines virtuosity and feeling'' - Stochelo Rosenberg

                                                                        ''Monster Guitarist'' - The Lost Fingers

                                                    ''Little God on strings,so proud to have Jim in our family'' - Bulk Strings

                                                                     ''Creative Greek guitar master'' - Dennis Chang

2013 - Summer issue n. 870 of ''B.M.G. Magazine'' (in English)

''We can confirm that the standard of musicianship is extremely high, and that The Ghost Notes produce a very exciting sound.'' - BMG Magazine

18/04/15 - ''Secrets Of A Memory'' review on Bird Is The Worm (New Jazz: We search, we recommend, you listen)

''An alluring serenity that balances nicely with the up-tempo burners. If you're looking to add a hot jazz recording to your library, this is an interesting option''

28/01/15 - Acapela, Cardiff UK

''We can't wait for you to return to Acapela! Looking forward to another amazing performance!!'' - Acapela, Cardiff, UK

20/11/14 - Interview with Jim Politis and Elena Malamou by Alexandros Pavatzoglou on Octava Radio
Click here to listen to the interview (in Greek)

02/05/14 - 2nd European Tour - LIVE at THE VERDICT, Brighton, 29/05 - WhatsOn.Brighton.Co.Uk

02/05/14 - 2nd European Djazz Tour - JazzBluesRock.Gr (in Greek)

01/03/14 - The Ghost Notes Album ''Jazzy-Key'' presented in JazzOnline.Gr (in English)

''Jazzy Key'' is a record that combines the classical manouche atmosphere with a modern approach in Gypsy Jazz music. Charactirised by the guitar solo virtuosity that makes this style unique, it manages to present a contrast that brings together nostalgic but also modern sounds and techniques, while maintaining its focus musically – to unfold a company of melodic stories to the listener.''

01/03/14 - The Ghost Notes presented in JazzOnline.Gr (in English) 

08/02/14 - Jim Politis interview on JazzBluesRock.Gr (in Greek)

29/10/13 - Interview on ''Rhythmic Horizons'', also shown on ''JazzBluesRock.Gr'' (in Greek)

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